2001 Far Away Trains Passing By
2003 A Strangely Isolated Place
2007 Goodbye
2010 Missing Deadlines – Selected Remixes
2013 A Long Way To Fall – Rebound
2016 No Further Ahead Than Tomorrow
2020 Now Is A Timeless Present – A Retrospective



2006 …passing by (domino usa)
2007 quicksand memory (independiente/domino usa)
2008 stars (domino usa)
2013 SCREAL EP 001 i take comfort in your ignorance remixes (scripted realities)
2017 SCREAL EP 002 for nothing (scripted realities, free download via bandcamp)
2018 SCREAL EP 003 improvisation #2 (scripted realities, free download via bandcamp)
2019 SCREAL EP 004 improvisation #3 (scripted realities, free download via bandcamp)
2020 SCREAL MC 001 improvisation #4 (scripted realities, free tape via rough trade)
2020 SCREAL EP 005 improvisation #5/improvisation #6 (scripted realities, free download via bandcamp)

2020 NIATP TAPE – Layout Cut


1998 korsakow: truth (bcc – as view to the future)
2000 johannes schmoelling: icewalk (victoriapark – with robert waesser)
2001 daniel lodig: connect (müller – as hexaquart)
2001 beroshima: electronic discussion (müller – as hexaquart)
2002 hrk: love world (joint)
2003 i’m not a gun: make sense and loose (cco)
2003 obscure celebrities: fahrenheit (gooom)
2003 justin robertson: love movement (bugged out)
2003 mojave 3: bluebird of happiness (4ad)
2003 longview: can’t explain (14th floor)
2003 longview: will you wait here (14th floor)
2004 sia: breathe me (go! beat)
2004 the zephyrs: stand round hold hands (club ac30)
2004 pete lawrence: musical box (big chill)
2004 depeche mode: little 15 (mute)
2005 rachel goswell: coastline (4ad)
2005 lunz (roedelius & tim story): lunz (groenland)
2006 coldplay: talk (parlophone)
2006 howling bells: setting sun (bella union)
2007 mark gardener: the story of the eye (sonic cathedral)
2007 mahogany: supervitesse (darla)
2007 madrid: out to sea (madrid)
2007 dragons: remembrance (ohm)
2007 televise: radiation sound (club ac30)
2007 high violets: chinese letter (reverb)
2007 asobi seksu: strawberries (one little indian)
2008 katharina franck: faithful friend (skycap)
2008 six.by seven: untitled (saturday night sunday morning)
2008 port royal: stimmung (resonant)
2008 aus: halo (preco)
2008 a sunny day in glasgow: ghost in the graveyard (ruined potential)
2008 dead leaf echo: pale fire (self storage)
2011 death cab for cutie: home is a fire (barsuk)
2012 skye: featherlight (skyewards)
2012 mint julep: to the sea (unseen)
2012 helios: falling in swirls (unseen – with mark peters)
2012 naked lunch: keep it hardcore (tapete – with mark peters)
2012 beroshima: horizon (mad musician)
2012 pet shop boys: memory of the future (emi)
2012 maribel: the thief (splendour)
2013 bass’flo & ziyal: enani (cosmic origins)
2013 zoon van snook: the gaits (lo)
2013 st savour: mysterious russian souls (sudbeat)
2013 locust: fall for me (mego)
2013 donni so: la pagliarella (karaoke kalk)
2014 rainbirds: wind was playing with my hair (universal – with mark peters)
2014 keaton henson: elevator song (vinyl factory)
2014 howling bells: your love (birthday)
2015 yppah: occasional magic (counter)
2015 naibu: just like you (horizons)
2015 archive: black and blue (dangervisit)
2016 dave dk: kronsee (kompakt)
2016 matryoshka: niedola (virgin babylon)
2016 sea & air: pain is just a cloud (glitterhouse)
2016 mark peters and elliot ireland: oar (pedigree cuts)
2016 bryan ferry & todd terje: johnny & mary (bmg)
2016 extrawelt: breaking bricks (halocyan)
2017 pia fraus: that’s not all (seksound)
2017 celldweller: awakening with you (fixt music)
2017 ricardo tobar: rue calme (musar)
2017 gnoomes: b-day (gnoomes)
2018 mark peters: may mill (sonic cathedral)
2018 naschkatze: dilber (geschenk)
2018 lowtide: southern mind (opposite number)
2018 circle sky: if i let go (research & development)
2020 inhalt: schwarz (mechatronica)
2020 anne lovett: nocturne (1631 recordings)
2020 rone: nouveau monde (infiné)
2020 steven wilson: king ghost (caroline – with tangerine dream)
2021 phoria: fayritale (akira)
2021 loveblind: a strange place (saint marie)
2021 lycoriscoris: shirabe (anjunadeep)



1996 police in cars with headphones: wegwerfgesellschaft (album, fsr)
1997 hair: brunettes (ep, mueller)
1998 hair: blances (ep, mueller)
2000 junkie sartre & hexaquart (ep, force tracks)
2001 tinkabell: rosarotes meer part1&2 (compilation track, sunnyside up)
2004 way out west: don’t look now (album track, distinct’ive)
2005 below the sea: stroll down memory lane (album track, where are my records)
2006 celine: un reve (album track, m-tronic)
2007 airiel: sugar crystals (album track, highwheel)
2007 longview: christmas single (ep, self-release)
2008 auburn lull: grange arcade/coasts (album tracks, darla)
2008 millimetrik: suicide bi-polaire (album track, make mine music)
2008 a shoreline dream & ulrich schnauss: neverchanger (ep, latenight weeknight)
2008 pia fraus/ulrich schnauss: mute the birds/ships will sail (7”, seksound)
2009 a shoreline dream: recollections of memory (album tracks, latenight weeknight)
2009 boy in static: candy cigarette (album track, fake four) 
2010 kirsty hawkshaw & ulrich schnauss: two trees (ep, self release)
2010 ulrich schnauss & jonas munk: epic (album, pedigree cuts)
2010 engineers: in praise of more (album, k-scope)
2010 BT: a million stars (album track, black hole)
2011 beroshima: polyphonication (album, mueller)
2011 all in the golden afternoon: the long goodbye (compilation track, rocketgirl)
2011 a shoreline dream: london (album track, latenight weeknight)
2012 the egg: electric city (album track, squarepeg)
2012 ulrich schnauss & asc: 77 (ep, auxiliary)
2012 ulrich schnauss & mark peters: underrated silence (album, bureau b)
2012 ulrich schnauss & mark peters: balcony sunset (split 12″ with pyrolator, bureau b)
2013 ulrich schnauss & mark peters: tomorrow is another day (album, bureau b)
2013 st otten: im himmel angekommen (album track, denovali)
2013 beroshima: real 2 reel (album, circle)
2013 tigerskin: love went without saying (album track, dirt crew)
2014 engineers: always returning (album, k-scope)
2014 tangerine dream: mala kunia (ep, eastgate)
2014 mira calix & ulrich schnauss: ponchik (compilation track, touched 2)
2015 color therapy: mr wolf is dead (album track, color therapy)
2015 tangerine dream: supernormal – the australian concerts 2014 (album, eastgate)
2015 tangerine dream: heart throb (compilation track, eastgate)
2015 tangerine dream: quantum key (ep, eastgate)
2016 kirsty hawkshaw & ulrich schnauss: dreaming of now (compilation track, touched 3)
2016 tangerine dream: live at the philharmony szczecin (album, eastgate)
2016 thee koukouvaja: margaritas by the pool (album track, fiercely indie)
2016 tangerine dream: particles (double ep, eastgate)
2017 ulrich schnauss & jonas munk: passage (album, azure vista)
2017 quaeschning & schnauss: synthwaves (album, azure vista)
2017 tangerine dream: light flux (ep, eastgate)
2017 tangerine dream: the sessions 1 – budapest & hong kong 2017 (ep, eastgate)
2017 tangerine dream: quantum gate (album, k-scope)
2017 s.a.r & ulrich schnauss: hypnotic gestures/sailing through (ep, sar)
2017 seba & ulrich schnauss: snöflingor (ep, blu mar ten)
2017 tangerine dream: tear down the grey skies – alt version (download via pledge)
2018 tangerine dream: the sessions 2 – oirshot 2017 (ep, eastgate)
2018 station 17: sternenteleskop (album track, bureau b)
2018 tangerine dream: the sessions 3 – hamburg 2018 & berlin 2017 (ep, eastgate)
2018 carl weingarten: deittaloo (album track, multiphase)
2018 tangerine dream: the sessions 4 – oslo & pisa 2018 (ep, eastgate)
2019 kelli ali: waiting for grace & london 3am (album tracks, kelli ali)
2019 tangerine dream: the sessions 5 – amsterdam & rehearsals 2018 (ep, eastgate)
2019 station 17: südwesthörn (album track, bureau b)
2019 jon & ulrich: orange cascade (compilation track, lo recordings)
2020 tangerine dream: recurring dreams (album tracks, kscope)
2020 tangerine dream: the sessions 6 – berlin/west 2018 (ep, eastgate)
2020 tangerine dream: 8​.​17pm session – triangle (download via bandcamp)
2021 carl weingarten: goodbye sun (album track, multiphase)
2021 ulrich schnauss & jonas munk: 8 fragments of an illusion (album, azure vista)


Compilations (Exclusive Tracks Only)

2002 crazy for you (‘blue skied an’ clear’, morr)
2002 you were the only one around (‘the sound of the cosmos’, hooj choons)
2008 attraktor – excerpt (‘euphony’, wwuh 91.3fm)
2008 here today, gone tomorrow – live (‘vapor trails 14’, echodiscs)
2009 it’s raining today (‘scott walker – 30th century man’, lakeshore)
2012 a lie before breakfast & attraktor II (‘songs for mimi’, imas lepo dupe)
2013 a long way to fall – live (‘krake 001’, krake)
2014 martin’s waiting (‘touched two’, touched)
2016 bach’s prelude and fugue in c (‘re:works’, decca)
2017 ein feld für ecki (‘grenzwellen eins’, grenzwellen)
2018 surrender bittersweet (‘schallwelle – die besten aus 10 jahren’, schallwelle)
2018 improvisation #1 (‘the neo-berlin school’, electronicsound.co.uk)


Other Solo Projects

1995 view to the future: broken/waves (12″, white label)
1996 the extremist: journey to the other world (12″, view to the future)
1997 the extremist: ascent from the circle (12″, tanjobi)
1997 view to the future: purity (12″, alphakid)
1997 view to the future: the 7th seal (album, alphakid)
1997 view to the future: just say you want me (compilation track, jackfruit)
1997 view to the future: music is music – the sequel (12″, airdrops)
1998 view to the future: frozen in time (album, released in 2011 as a free download)
1998 view to the future: addicted to your smile (compilation track, elektromotor)
1998 view to the future: unicorn/nightdust (12″, case invaders)
1998 ethereal 77: forever (compilation track, space teddy)
1999 ethereal 77: landscapes (album, basedaddy)
2001 hexaquart: exploitation (ep, lifetime)
2001 hexaquart: satellite of convenience (compilation track, lifetime)
2002 ethereal 77: zero gravity (12″, looking good)
2004 ethereal 77: oblivion/open skiez (compilation tracks, ground liftaz)



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