2007 Goodbye




01 Never Be The Same
02 Shine
03 Stars
04 Einfeld
05 Here Today Gone Tomorrow
06 A Song About Hope
07 Medusa
08 Goodbye
09 In Between The Years
10 Love Forever
11 Look At The Sky
12 For Good

All Songs written & produced by
Ulrich Schnauss at Rondeel
*except ‘Shine’ written by Schnauss & McVey
*except ‘Love Forever’ written by Rowe & Sherriff
*except ‘Look At The Sky’ written by Schnauss, McVey, Asselin & Lacharite
*except ‘For Good’ written by Judith Beck

Synthesizer, E-Mu E4, Vocals & Yamaha CP80 by Ulrich Schnauss
*Vocals by Judith Beck
*Guitar on ‘In Between The Years’ & ‘For Good’ by Judith Beck
*Vocals on ‘Shine’ by Rob McVey
*Guitar on ‘Shine’ & ‘Look At The Sky’ by Rob McVey
*Guitar & Backing Vocals on ‘Shine’ by Doug Morch
*Backing Vocals on ‘Shine’ by Matt Dabbs & Aidan Banks
*Vocals on ‘Love Forever’ by Andrew Sherriff
*Guitar on ‘Love Forever’ by Stephen Patman
*Guitar on ‘Look At The Sky’ by Patrick Lacharite
*Drums on ‘Look At The Sky’ by Pascal Asselin

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