Christmas Freebie

December 26, 2019

… time for a christmas freebie: 

a 49 minute sequencer improvisation captured at the ozora festival 2018 in hungary is now available as a free download via my bandcamp page.

had to work with a rather low quality source recording, but tried to extract a best possible impression of this rather special gig (the ambient area was located on a little hill above a lake).

included as well is nat urazmetova’s remarkable artwork.

furthermore, replaced the files for last year’s ‘improvisation #2’ with a better sounding version – so, if you enjoyed it then, might be a good enough reason to re-download (opening a link from your collection page at bandcamp should automatically provide the updated files).

wishing everyone a good start into the twenties –

all the best, ulrich.


PIC_Improvisation #2

Carl Weingarten

May 22, 2018

here’s a little story i wanted to share as it put a big smile on my face when i checked the letter box this morning…
at some point last year i decided to fill the gaps in my Carl Weingarten CD collection – one of my alltime favourite guitarists.
ordered a bunch of discs from his webshop – and was very surprised to receive a message from the man himself in return.
after a longer exchange about significant topics ranging from music to californian weather i finally dared to ask wether he’d be interested in working together –
and this morning i received a copy of his new solo album which features one of the first pieces we recorded –
also adding the admirable talent of such esteemed instrumentalists as michael manring on bass and celso alberti on drums.
feeling very grateful to have been given the opportunity to contribute to a carl weingarten album – and what a lovely record it is: my current favourite piece is the gorgeously elegant, reflectively serene ‘river king’.

you can listen to a selection of tracks and/or purchase the album via carl’s bandcamp page:

Free Live Recording available via Bandcamp

March 16, 2018

…here’s some new music – for free!
a 67 minute recording of a live improvisation i performed at the january edition of ‘ambience chasers’ at the social in soho/london –
available now via my bandcamp page – including some beautiful artwork by nat urazmetova/

equipment used:
-sonic core scope/xite (synthesis & fx)
-roland jd-xa (synthesizer)
-roland jp-08 (synthesizer)
-ensoniq dp/4 (fx)
-manikin schrittmacher (sequencer)
-mackie 1402 vlz (mixer)

did a bit of equing and cut out some of the more drastic mistakes – otherwise this is pretty much a 1:1 copy of that evening’s desk recording: decided to leave in the occasional crackling noise courtesy of my old mackie mixer for instance: enjoy! 😉

‘Electronic Sound’ Magazine Compilation CD

March 8, 2018

this month’s edition of ‘electronic sound’ magazine comes with a CD compilation of more recent electronica pieces in a berlin school tradition that i put together for them – and which can be ordered here:

Issue 39 & CD Bundle

tracklisting’s as follows:
01. Mahogany ‘Panzerkrieg’
02. Tangerine Dream (Edgar Froese Solo Track) ‘Huckabee’s Dream’
03. S U R V I V E ‘Deserted Skies’
04. René Splinter ‘Instant Memory’
05. Cosmic Ground ‘Altair’ (Excerpt)
06. Chris Carter ‘Modularity (Edit)’
07. AEM ‘From The Start’
08. Carl Matthews ‘Deva Loca’
09. Steve Moore ‘Protomorphosis’
10. Broadcast Of Variants (formerly Syntetika) ‘Wetrax’
11. Steve Hauschildt ‘Strands’
12. Bertrand Loreau ‘Rencontre Manquee’
13. Nightbirds ‘Theory of Relativity’
14. Ulrich Schnauss ‘Improvisation #1’ (Unreleased)

take care, u.

ps: also uploaded two recent, previous unreleased compilation tracks on soundcloud:…/sets/compilation-tracks

Sonic Realities 15 – Now On Mixcloud

January 15, 2018

More Blue Monday misery – here’s Episode 15 of Sonic Realities from myself and Mr Sonic Cathedral aka Nathaniel Cramp.
It’s a good one, featuring France Gall, Françoise Hardy, Dot Allison, Biosphere, Eroc, Colleen, Pauline Anna Strom, Woo, Walter Christian Rothe, Townes Van Zandt, Cowboy Junkies, Richard Barbieri, Steve Jansen, Nicklas Sørensen, Minor Science, Avalon Emerson, Conduct, Seba, Echo Ladies, Nico, Lüül, Malka Spigel, Nathan Fake, James Holden and Etienne Daho.
Plus our regular guest Mark Peters.


November 27, 2017

A few weeks ago Nathaniel Cramp (Archbishop of the Sonic Cathedral) and myself recorded the latest episode of Sonic Realities and here it is, containing some out of date jokes about the Paradise Papers and references to events that have now happened in the future tense.
It also contains some incredible music, including this:
George Michael, The Boo Radleys, Midi Rain, Pink Rhythm, Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams (aka Tears for Fears), Fluke, Anthony Phillips, Syrinx, Stomu Yamash’ta, Francesco Messina, Harold Budd, Chuck Johnson, Ricardo Tobar, S.A.R. & Ulrich Schnauss, Moon Diagrams, Mark Peters, Pia Fraus, Bertrand Loreau, Frederick Gerchembau, The Sight Below, Frazier Chorus, Super Furry Animals, George Michael and Paul McCartney…
Plus a chat about red-legged partridges with our only friend Mark Peters, other regular segments like the Shameless Self-Promotion Section and more.
Enjoy listening!

Seba & Ulrich Schnauss

November 11, 2017

just gonna quote the wonderful mr chris marigold here: ‘Hey look, we got together with two old friends and this happened.’

limited vinyl copies available to preorder now.
no repress:

audio preview:

S-A-R & Ulrich Schnauss

November 3, 2017

sometimes it takes a while… about 4 years ago i started working on some tracks with ricky and wayne aka S-A-R – now we’ve finally finished them and decided to make the result available here:

audio preview:

Sonic Realities 13 – Now On Mixcloud…

October 1, 2017

time for some late sunday evening ambience…
there’s a brand new episode of sonic realities from myself and the vicar up on mixcloud now.
it’s an absolute epic, lasting for well over three-and-a-half hours, so call in sick tomorrow and listen to tunes galore from
tangerine dream, a place to bury strangers, chris hughes, tears for fears, the other two, a certain ratio, ash ra temple, manuel goettsching, sobrenadar, love theme, the high, chapterhouse, k-klass, david morley, SAR aka sinius & atmospheric research, motion sickness of time travel, karen dalton, sensations’ fix, francesco messina, laraaji, bibio, earlham mystics aka luke abbott, volte-face, pteranodon, saloon, spacemen 3, ultramarine and gene vincent.
plus special guest mark peters from engineers (official page) who has been watching paint dry on his barr… eh… bannisters.

Tangerine Dream ‘Quantum Gate’ – Out Now.

September 29, 2017

hello, the new tangerine dream album has been released today.
edgar had planned ‘quantum gate’ as the first full album of the next phase in the evolution of the band which he referred to as the ‘quantum years’.
no question – it’s been a major challenge to finish this project without him, but we’re hoping that we somehow managed to do justice to the concepts and sketches he had left behind.
below is a little preview video for the track ‘tear down the grey skies’ – should you be interested in purchasing a copy: the album is available through the usual physical and digital retail outlets.
additionally a couple of bundle variations can still be obtained via pledge music:

thanks to kscope, pledge music, andy king’s ‘zest’ group here on fb among many others for their continuous support throughout stormy times.
wishing everyone a good weekend – and let’s celebrate the 50th anniversary of edgar’s unique musical vision which had such a remarkably profound impact on the development of electronic music and way beyond.
the dream will always be the same… 😉